Our subscription option, like the single payment option, offers the 20 week core Being Girls Club program and resources.

Each week, the workshops will offer a different focus, such as: identifying what individuals need to keep themselves safe in the modern world; establishing and maintaining positive relationships; how to cope with change; how to celebrate and make what makes us unique; and being brave and facing new challenges. These are all designed to encourage and support our girls to feel brave and confident in their own beliefs and the decisions that they make and the relationships they choose. These will enhance their resilience, mental health and well-being.

Each workshop is delivered through a series of varied activities, which are designed to challenge the members thinking and understanding of their role in their communities. Within each workshop there is:


  • A detailed workshop plan 

  • A bullet point overview

  • A weekly group message poster

  • A range of resources to support the activities, such as games, quizzes etc

  • Weekly facilitator assessments

The program also provides:


  • Advice for how to run the club

  • How to choose the most effective people to run the club

  • Letter proformas

  • Pre and post club assessments

  • Programme of study showing an overview of workshops

  • Certificates for members

Along with this, you will have access to subscription only content such as additional workshops,  video interviews, podcasts, reviews, webinars, additional advice from the creators and other members, and more. Full access to our subscription service can be gained for £19.99 a month. 

With everything we do, our focus is always the growth and accomplishments of our members group. With this in mind, we never recommend that the resources are used as a means of generating profit for a school. We do however not expect all our schools to cover the cost of the courses. We advise simply charging £1 per session (on the basis of 14 girls per group) from the girls that attend the workshops. This could be charged either weekly or as a one off fee based on the school and parent/guardians preferences. Once the first 20 week course has been completed, we recommend using the funds gained from the workshops to utilise the resources via our subscription service, to benefit from new materials and resources. 

At our core we create our resources to build strong foundations and work through challenges, enabling our girls to thrive within our communities.  We champion these core beliefs by welcoming community written workshops for consideration and workshop topic requests, all of which are available to our subscription members.

Academies Trusts that wish to purchase the program, please contact for information on available discounts - 

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Social Media

In this workshop we will look at both the positive and negative influences of social media

Exams and Dealing with Pressure

In this workshop we will discuss how to reduce the pressure that may be felt in the lead up to exams

What are others thinking?

In this workshop we will discuss seeing things from others point of view

Identifying when to ask for help


In this workshop we will identify times when we may need to seek help and who may be able to offer this

BGC Coming soon.png


In this workshop we will consider the different ways bullying take place

Need vs Want

In this workshop we will explore the difference between want and need in terms of instant gratification and long term gains

Healthy & Unhealthy Equal is greater than same


In this workshop we will consider and celebrate diversity 


In this workshop we will look into the pros and cons of digital gaming and debate whether violent games breads violence in our children

My Future

In this workshop will help our children look into and recognise the benefit of planning for their future

Conflict resolution


In this workshop we will discuss how conflict arises and how to resolve it in a healthy, safe way

Women in Power


In this workshop we celebrate women in power and discuss the challenges these women face 


In this workshop we will explore current issues within the LGBT community



In this workshop we will consider how to be productive in areas of our lives that may not interest us but need to be done

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