How do I start a Being Girls Club?

Starting a Being Girls Club is quick and simple thanks to our easy to use website. Once you have decided to start your club, just click on start a club in the top right of the website and fill in the details requested. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email explaining how to access your members area, a breakdown of the resources available and how to get them.

Do I need a relevant DBS check to run a Being Girls Club?

Anyone working directly with children will need to have a relevant DBS and complies with the safe recruitment guidlines At Being Girls Club, the safety of the members is our paramount concern and we would never knowingly allow a club to run and be facilitated by individuals without the relevant safeguarding checks.

How much do the Being Girls Club workshops cost?

Your investement for Our 20 workshop core bundle which offers all the resources outlined in the 20 workshop core bundle description, will be a one off payment of £250, this includes everything you need to run your Being Girls Club including workshops, quiz sheets, guidelines, posters, school letters and more. Once you have completed these workshops you may wish to purchase additional workshops and resources that will be available through the website. These additional resources will be individually priced.

How can schools pay for the program?

There are many ways in which a Being Girls Club can be funded, and whilst we can’t dictate how you choose to do this, we can offer some advice. Depending on your purchase choices, each week works out at around £6 if you choose to run a single club each week. If ran with the recommended number of students, a Being Girls Club works out at less than £1 a week per student. We find this is the most popular way to fund and charge for the clubs. Whether you choose to ask for payment form the members, is down to the discretion of your individual school.

Do you offer a similar program for boys?

At the moment we are focusing all our efforts on making sure we get the Being Girls Club program as close to perfect as possible before attempting any other programs. The girls club was founded and built predominantly by women, so starting with a girls club felt only natural. As we grow both our clubs and internal team, we aim to work with people who can offer the same insights into the issues our boys are facing, as our current team can work on issues impacting our young girls.

Do you offer a printed version of the resources?

Our goal is to make our workshops as accessible and easy to use for as many schools as possible, as well as minimising our environmental impact and being conscious of our waste. As a result, we have decided to start our program as a digital only version with the option to download and print the resources if you wish. We are currently looking into alternative options such as sustainable printing and other methods to help with accessibilty needs which we hope to launch in the future.

Who do I contact if we need advice or support?


Why have you chosen this age range?

Working primarily with this age group has given the creators firsthand insight into the challenges that this transition period brings to this age group. This timeframe has shown itself to be important to the girls in creating and sustaining a sense of identity. At Being Girls Club, your aim is to support this transition period.

I have a transgender child who wishes to join the girls club, how should I approach this?

As you would with any other girl wishing to join your club. The Being Girls Club is about just that, being a girl, regardless of what point in your life you identify as such. The key factor in a situation such as this is to have empathy, never assume, and don’t be afraid to ask questions (in a sensitive manner) if you are unsure.

Do we need to print the workshops and resources each week?

It is not necessary to print the workshops each week, and most of the resource can be read off a tablet, phone or computer. However you may choose to print things such as quiz sheets, poster and assessments if you wish to share these with your students, teachers or parents.

Can I run a Being Girls Club in a location other than a school?

At the moment, we are only offering the resources to clubs being run in schools. In the near future, we are aiming to expand the program to other locations such as libraries and community centres to widen our impact.

I’m about to run a Being Girls Club in my school but need an assistant, who should I ask?

Anyone who is DBS checked and has been recruited into school following the, Safer Recruiting policy, can help run a girls club. The choice is entirely that of the schools and the club leader. In the Being Girls Club resource pack, we offer a Top 10 Tips on choosing the Facilitator. By following these suggestions, the aim is to maximise the impact of the resource. We don’t recommend close family friends or relatives of any of the students taking part in the club as this can cause conflicts of interest and may prevent you from getting the very best out of that student. Uni students, teaching assistants, and retired teachers are good places to start.

Can I continue to run my Being Girls Club during the holidays if the students wish to attend?

In the first instance this is unlikely to be something that is available. This is most likely due to the fact that the clubs will be run by members of school staff and allowing these staff members to enjoy their full school break is very important to their well-being. However, if schools wish to make the club available to the members during school holidays, this is something that is at the discretion of the school. During these periods, you will still have full access to the Being Girls Club resources.

Do the same facilitators need to run the club each week?

This is definitely the ideal situation. The relationships that are developed during the Being Girls Club are an important part of the learning, and the safe, trusting relationship built with the facilitators will support this. Within the resource, the Group Formation document helps to explain this in more detail.

How can we assess the impact of the Being Girls Club?

There are pre and post, easy to complete, assessment for teachers to complete. We also provide weekly facilitators assessments which allow them to keep a record of the interactions of the group. These written assessment will allow school to document the impact of the club. However, don’t forget to ask the members for their thoughts on the impact the club has had on them. We have not included a formal assessment for this as Progress and Experience Conversations have proven a useful and successful way of assessing their thoughts without having the confines of a rigid recording mechanism.