Being Girls Club

Ellie came into school a little late this day. She was with her Mum, who asked if she could talk to me.  She explained that she had got into a fight with her young daughter because she had taken her phone off her.  At this point, Ellie joined in the conversation, clearly distressed, she went on to explain that she needed her phone and it was ridiculous that her Mum had taken it off her.  What her Mum went on to describe to me, both shocked and saddened me.  Ellie would not get ready for school as she was too busy taking selfies.  Not unusual you might say.  Ellie had taken 300 that morning.  Why?  Because not one of them was good enough!! A little girl torturing herself to achieve someone else's idea of perfection Ellie, at that time, was only ten years old, she is a bright, bubbly, healthy, friendly girl who was doing well in school. Everything we want for your children.  So why do we have a generation of young girls feeling they are not good enough?

We live in a time when digital representation appears to be more important to most than who we actually are. When the image of the lives we lead, is more important than the truth, and the pressure of creating a perfect fabricated world is a new type of anxiety and worry. We live in a time when female CEO’s and directors are still greeted with surprise rather than respect, and in a time when cars that drive themselves and holidays to space are less of a dream, we still see women as minorities. It’s not about feminism, it’s not about doing a man's job, it’s about choice, it’s about bravery, and knowing that equal is different from just being the same. 

We created the Being Girls Club to champion this credo, to help empower young girls with the mental and emotional tools to face modern world issues with bravery, confidence, and respect. The Being Girls Club offers extra-curricular workshops for young girls aged 10-12 in the form of carefully created resources developed by behavior specialists and teachers. Each workshop is led by a teacher and volunteer form within your school and focuses on different topics each week such as well-being, relationships, bravery, and respect. The workshops encourage group work as well as individual reflection. Schools will receive our full resource pack with a 20 workshop core bundle, as well as guide notes, posters, letters, banners and other materials to run your Being Girls Club. Schools will also be invited to contact the creators of The Being Girls Club to ask for suggestions and support whenever needed. Upon completion, The Being Girls Club also offers additional resources that schools can be purchased through our website in the coming months.