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The Being Girls Club offers extra-curricular workshops for young girls aged 10-12 in the form of carefully created resources developed by behaviour specialists and teachers. Each workshop is led by a teacher and an assistant from within your school and focuses on different topics each week such as well being, relationships, diversity, bravery, and respect. The workshops encourage group work as well as individual reflection. Schools will receive a full resource pack with a 20 workshop core bundle, as well as guide notes, posters, letters, banners and other materials to run your Being Girls Club. Schools will also be invited to contact the creators of The Being Girls Club to ask for suggestions and support whenever needed. Upon completion of the 20 workshop core bundle, The Being Girls Club also offers additional resources that schools can purchase through our website in the coming months.

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Ofsted: How ‘Personal Development’ Will Be Judged

To make judgements in the personal development category, inspectors will look at the range, quality and take-up of extra-curricular activities, the promotion of British Values, the development of pupils’ character, the quality of debate and discussions that pupils have and the pupils’ understanding of how equality and diversity are promoted and celebrated. To read more about Ofsteds inspection guidelines, click here

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